Friday, November 8, 2013

when good things happen to you there’s a noise inside your heart that grows and you can never push that light away 

in my dream i was looking to see if you were watching me

I only feel important when you talk to me. I can never sit still I think of all the ways my starving hands will touch you.

I let my eyes walk all over your skin. I let you sleep inside me and interrupt my breath.
If I should be awake and dreaming of you, that is where I am hung.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

you always feel like there’s a fire you need to put out and there's a spring that dies every year and you always bury yourself in it when it goes. you wake up and you can feel the sight of things but when they left you drowning you could set out the placement of your heart and finally it felt like someone was talking back to you. when your eyes are full, things seem still and you have ran circles around your own body so many times that every day is in the terms of forever. anywhere you go, you could close your eyes and the room is still breathing inside of your hands. you move through collections of strangers and in the midst of all of them you taste your heart and cannot grip anything. you cant stay anywhere and there is always a flame inside of you that is making others suffer.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

imagine not having a face and not having anything to look at when you are talking to one another. you could both sit comfortably. when someone would tell you about the person they like you could use all the sounds they make to picture the sweat on their hands when they see their favorite person and i think saying goodbye would feel a lot less like knives in your stomach. sounds seem less real and more nurturing, i think. 
hysteria is hiding inside of everyone you meet
the birds are so happy this morning they’re singing from their belly and they sound so excited i wish i could tell them how much they mean to me
one day my breathing will end and the room you stand in will turn to black